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The Brazilian Experience


I know you guys aren't going to believe it but guess what... I started unpacking this week. *waits for collective gasps* πŸ˜‚ Honestly, I'm nowhere near done but I'm making progress. My biggest challenge now is figuring out what to do with all of my shoes... I have wayyy too many shoes. Anyways, I wanted to share that for those of you who have faith in me(and those of you who don't, lol).  

Anyways, moving right along. So, I had plans to go standup paddling boarding this weekend. If you know me then you know that this is one of my absolute favorite water activities. It's so calming and an awesome workout too but more on this later. 

With the excitement of finally putting on a bathing suit eating me alive, I realized I needed to shave and not just my legs...everything. Ughhhh, did I mention I hate to shave? It is so time consuming and wasteful (these are long ways around me getting to the point that I'm lazy, lol). So on this day, I had a brilliant idea...why not get a Brazilian wax?

OK, I know what you're thinking. Why would you put yourself through the horror of having your hair RIPPED from your delicate lady bits? Well...did I mention I'm lazy? Laziness will drive you to do some insane things! As I boldly and confidently scoured Groupon and yelp for discounts and reviews, I finally made a choice and an appointment. Yet, the closer I got to my appointment, the more nervous I got (special thanks to my mother who couldn't find one encouraging word to offer during my time of slight anxiety. She's the real MVP.) and it definitely showed in the beginning.

The Brazilian Beeswax by Ana Christina Pitts. Find out more at and follow her on IG at beeswaxbrazilianspa

The Brazilian Beeswax by Ana Christina Pitts. Find out more at and follow her on IG at beeswaxbrazilianspa

However, Ana Christina Pitts, owner of The Brazilian Beeswax, was soooo kind and comforting. Letting me know that her wax formula, which includes sugar, honey, and passion fruit, would provide me with a safe and not so painful experience. She was very personable and talked to me through the whole thing. If you've had this service done, you know it is a really intimate experience and it's best to have it done by someone who is not only knowledgeable but can make you feel at home. That's is exactly how Ana is and it worked like a charm. Next thing I knew, it was done!

*whew* I definitely sweated a few bullets but overall it was an experience that I'll definitely go through again because 1) I loved the results, 2) it gets less painful the more you go and 3) not to beat a dead horse BUT I'm lazy! I would absolutely recommend Ana's services if you are in the Coconut Creek/Pompano beach area but go at your own risk. Obviously, you know your "whooha" better than I and I can't be held responsible for any adverse reactions lol.

Now that I wrapped that up, I was bikini ready and prepared to have an awesome paddle boarding experience! 

Read my next post to find out all about it!  

 Β‘tchau! (Bye)

SUP with that board?

SUP with that board?

Solo adventure!

Solo adventure!