Welcome to my blog. Where I document my adventures in life. Here you'll find a little bit of every thing that gets me going. Let your hair down and enjoy the ride!

Welcome to Bound 2 Glow!

Welcome to Bound 2 Glow!

Watch out for me. I’m bound to glow.
— Drake

Who's that girl?

Hey girls and guys, I'm Brandi with an "I" and welcome to my blog Bound 2 Glow! I am so excited to share my journey to come with you. I am a single 20-something-year-old who loves her dog and her car/shower karaoke, a lot. I mean, seriously, I can give you hours worth of world tour style entertainment, just say the word. As much as I love music, I also love food and traveling nationally/internationally. I have a degree in Sociology with a minor in Spanish and don't use either (tell that to my student loans). However, I am trying to amp up my Spanish vocabulary and usage because it will prove to be beneficial for me in due time. I am currently working in the IT field (yes I know, nothing remotely to do with sociology) and while I do enjoy it, long for much much more! 

So, what's the big deal?

On the cusp of my thirties, I have decided to make some major and minor life changes. The most major of them is the decision to relocate to the "sunshine state." That's right, I'm moving to South Florida! I've wanted to move to Florida ever since I decided to pursue an undergrad degree in Marine Biology. However, my mom put a stop to that plan and good thing she did because my dreams of being a Marine Biologist died along with my hopes of getting an "A" in my 8 am biology 204 class.  Unfortunately, for my dear sweet mother, my dreams of heading to Florida did not subside (sorry mom, love you, mean it!)

So when the opportunity to work 100% remote arose, I jumped at the chance to remain in my current role in a new location. So, I am packing it up and moving it out! Ready to take on all that Florida has to offer: sweltering heat, hurricanes, wildlife and bizarre news events (let us not pretend that Florida isn't number one for peculiar news stories, lol). All jokes aside, I cannot wait to explore all of the diverse cultures and customs that South Florida has to offer.

Also, given the extreme change in climate and the fact that Florida only has 1 and a half seasons, I have decided to transition from relaxed to natural hair. I plan to do the "big chop" this fall to mark my one-year anniversary post relaxer. No worries, I will be sure to document this for your entertainment. Please hold while I go listen to India Arie's "I Am Not My Hair" to mentally prepare myself for this.



Why write a blog?

Well, it's certainly not because I think my life is so grand that you must Know every minute detail . I mean honestly, I am the type of girl who schedules naps into my day. However, I believe that life is enhanced by sharing thoughts and experiences. I love to share helpful tips and tricks. If I can help you find your favorite new lunch spot, the new hair/skin care product or the perfect trip destination for you then my work here is done! Although I clean up nice, this is not a fashion blog because I seriously doubt you want to see me in a -shirt leggings on every post but I may give you guys a look every once in a while. 😉

This journey into a new city/state is definitely going to come with a great deal of self discovery and I am sure to find myself in a healthy amount of  shenanigans. I can promise you that with this blog you will get good, clean fun sprinkled with a little debauchery every now and then. So if you like your blogs riddled with random song lyrics and unnecessary #hashtags then stick around! Here we glow 🎇!